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Re-enactment units

North American Units

French Artillerie à Pied de Linge  -

Plauche's Battalion [French Militia Unit that fought at the Battle of New Orleans] -

93rd Sutherland Highland Regiment [British Infantry] -

95th Rifles [British Infantry] -

IX Foot [British Infantry] - 

Glengarry Lt. Inf. Fencibles [Canadian Infantry] - 

European Units

21e Régiment [European site] -

2nd Régiment of the Constript-Chasseurs [Another French unit in St. Petersburg] -

2nd Régiment de Dragoons [A French and Belgian based dragoon unit. Multi-language web site] -

46e Régiment [French unit in St. Petersburg/Moscow] -

t Mestreechs Rizzjemint [A Dutch unit that recreates the unit that helped defend their city -Maastricht in 1777. Multi-language web site that tells their story] -

7th Belgian Line ->

Forum Aspern 1809 -


Uniforms and Equipment for Re-enactors

Discriminating General: -

Fall Creek Traders (Brogans and leather goods) -

Fox River Traders (shirts, pants, buckle shoes) -

G. Gedney Godwin (shirts, buckle shoes, camping gear, bayonet scabbards) -

Jas. Townsend and Son (pants PA-139, suspenders, shirts) -

C & D Jarnagin Co. (pants, shirts, leather goods, shoes) -

Smoke and Fire (shirts, buckle shoes, camping gear, tents) -

International Military Antiques (French Napoleonic Cavalry Swords) -

Andrey Pisarenko (uniform maker in Kiev) -

War Wear (English uniform maker in England) -

Sergui Karassev (uniform maker in St. Petersburg, highly recommended) -

Thin Red Line (Victorian ear uniform maker in England) -


Books and Information Resources

Napoleonic Literature -

Napoleonic Series -

1st Empire Magazine -


Napoleons Correspondence -

Napoleonic Military History Books -

Napoleonic Titles -

Histoire Napoleonique! -

Napoléon URL -

Cercle Histoire et Figurines - Nîmes -

The Napoleonic Guide -

The Emperors Headquarters (Books, and lead, and more lead) -

Le Livre Chez Vous (French site: Books and Tradition Magazine) -

The 'Napoleon Series" -



Souvenir Napoléonien -

Napoleonic Society of America -

Napoleonic Alliance -



Periodically Speaking: Vae Victis -

Napolonic Russian Army for Wargamers -

Historical Miniatures Gamers Society (HMGS) -

Wargamers Review (Info and figure review site) -


Social History

The Peninsular War and the Constitution of 1812 -


Art Resources

Cranston's Fine Arts - Posters and Prints -

History Alive - Napoleonic Memorabilia -

Empire Stylebook of Interior Design : All 72 Plates from the 'Recueil De Decorations Interieures' With New English Text -


Sites of Some Napoleonic Interest

Napoleon Museum -

Waterloo Battlefield Tours -


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