Suggested Readings

Napoleon's Infantry

Bucquoy, Cdt. E.-L.ed. 1979. Les Uniformes des Premier Empire: l'Infantrie: Paris, France

The book series for the collector!  Loaded with color pictures of original uniforms and equipment, plates, drawings, etc.  An absolute must buy, unfortunately it is out of print.   All French text.  

Maughan, Stephen E. 1997. Napoleon's Line Infantry:  Recreated in Colour Photographs. London, England: Europa Militaria Special #10, Windrow & Greene.  ISBN #1859150381.

Numerous color pictures of Infantry in bivouac and in the field.   Even a couple of pictures of our very own 21st Ligne.   This book will get you excited about being an Infantry reenactor!

Haythornthwaite, Philip. 1983. Napleon's Line Infantry Osprey Men at Arms Series #141. London, England: Osprey Publishing.  ISBN #085045512X 
Haythornthwaite, Philip. 1983. Napleon's Light Infantry Osprey Men at Arms Series #146. London, England: Osprey Publishing.  ISBN #0850455219

A good overview of uniforms, accoutrements, weapons, etc.   Good contemporary artwork by Bryan Fosten.  

General Readings:

Nosworthy, Brent. 1996. With Musket, Cannon, & Sword.New York, New York:  Sarpedon.

Battle tactics of Naploeon and his enemies.  Excellent reading; Examines the tactics, inovations, and weapons of the period.

Muir, Rory. 1998. Tactis and the Experience of Battle in the Age of Napoleon.New Haven, Cont.:  Yale University Press.

This book gives a better idea of what it was like to be in the firing line.  Good reading; Examines the interaction of command, tactics, morale, and leadership.

Elting, John R. 1988. Swords Around a Throne. New York, N.Y. : The Free Press.   ISBN #29095018

Absolutely the best source on the Grand Armee..

Chandler, David G. 1966. The Campaigns of Napoleon. New York, N.Y.: Macmillan Publishing.

A complete account of all of the Emperor's campaigns by a master author.

Carey, Mrs. M., Translator. 1897. The Note-Books of:  Captain Coignet.  Soldier of the Empire. London, England:  Chatto and Windus. Ltd.

Excellent memoirs of a Capitaine of the Guard Grenadiers.   This book gives you a good impression of what it was like to be in the Emperor's armée, both as an elisted man and officer.


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