Regimiento Fijo

de Puerto Rico

The main Spanish unit defending the Island was the Regimiento Fijo de Puerto Rico. This unit was formed with soldiers from the Peninsula (Spain) and from the island itself. It was supported by a company from the Regiment of Valencia, the Royal Artillery, several local Milicias from all over the island as well as two French Republican ships in the San Juan harbor. These French "Jacobins" took an active participation in the defence of the walls.

The city of San Juan was considered a "Defense of the First Line" and, today, the sity has changed but little. The Spanish troops proudly defended and defeated the attempted British invasion led by Lord Abercomby. He lifted the siege abruptly inthe middle of one night, rush back to the ships, leaving wounded, dead, cannons and other equipment behind.

Statues were cast with the cannons taken from the English. This episode was quickly forgotten by the British. But not by Spain. The Regimiento Fijo of Puerto Rico also saw action in Saint Domingue. The company of Grenadiers fought as an ally of General Leclerk in Haiti. It also fought against Simon Bolivar after the Napoleonic Wars during the wars for Indepenance from Spain.


We had a number of events were our soldiers were uniformed and carried weapons. The first event was in January 2005 and the second in June, 2005. We are planning a big event for the last weekend of January 2006. This event is a Brigade Napoleon supported event and we welcome any member of the other units. The facilities used by our unit are without comparison. We will be sleeping inside the biggest fortification in the Americas.

For further information on the Regimento de Puerto Rico, please contact:

Jose A. Torres Ramirez de Arellano, Colonel
3884 Washington Boulevard
University Heights, OH 44118

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