Pułk 12 Piechoty, Księstwa Warszawy

 12e Régiment d'Infanterie,
Duché de Varsovie 


Polish troops had a long and proud tradition of serving with the French army. When Napoleon gave the Grand Duchy of Warsaw its constitution in July of 1807, the existing Polish units in the French and Italian army were transferred to form it's new army.  This infantry unit was formed as the 4th Line in the Posen Legion  in late 1806 from the existing Polish troops serving in Prussian service and filled out by conscripts from the Koscian area. In January the unit was redesignated the 12th Line and served at the siege of Danzig and on various outpost duties. Later that year, it was filled out with additional troops in French service, and was under the command of Col. Poninski. After the Treaty of Tilsit, the regiment was assigned the area around Rawicz for recruitment.

They defended the Duchy in 1809 when the Austrians invaded and were part of the V Corps of Emperor Napoleon's Grand Armee in its Russian campaign of 1812.  After that horrible campaign, the depot troops were incorporated into the existing cadres and the regiment was assigned to the VIII Corps under General (later Marshal) Poniatowski for the fall campaign 1813 in Saxony . That fine corps was all but annihilated at Battle of Leipzig and Poniatowski killed, all remaining Polish line troops were then concentrated into the Vistula Legion battalion. 

All types of infantry impressions are anticipated and welcome, i.e., Fusiliers, Voltigeurs, Grenadiers and Sappeurs.  Uniforms and equipment are to be as close as possible to the guidelines established on September 3, 1810 by the Duchy of Warsaw. He have a few pictures and list sources for the uniform and other equipment.

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