12e Régiment d'Infanterie, Duché de Varsovie 

Uniform Information

Me in full dress uniform (sans plume)

Dave in barracks dress

What's involved in the different Uniforms:

Full Dress: (with approximate costs)

Pants ($55), Shirt ($35), Kurtka (uniform coat) ($300), Czapka (headgear) ($300), Belts and ammo box ($125), Shoes ($100), gaiters (white for summer wear, black for winter)($40)


Fatigue Dress:

Pants ($55), Shirt ($35), Drill coat ($60), bonnet (headgear) ($30), Shoes ($100)


We understand that there are few people that can get out fitted completely on short notice. It took me about 3 months to put together my full dress kit. To be able to take the field at a re-enactment you should have the 'basic' Fatigue Dress equipment. You will also need a flint-lock musket of the appropriate 1760-1815 period of course. An ammo box and belt is also required but as with the musket, these can also be of an appropriate period.   If you have any questions please contact me John Wierzbicki.   and I can help you locate sources for the uniform and correct equipment.