1er Régiment des Grenadiers à pied de le Garde Impériale

The 1er Compagnie of the 1er Régiment des grenadiers à pied de la garde impériale has formed. We are portraying the units that made up the glorious "Old Grumblers" from 1805-1815.Our primary impression has been the grenadier company of le Bataillon d'Orleans. This same uniform allows us to recreate Napoleon's "Old Guard" grenadiers. We've been working together on drill with the grenadiers of the Guardia Reale Italiana and outfitting our newest members with equipment. Members of the 21e are portraying one of the line companies of Plauche's Battalion, and we hope to join forces when possible to portray this New Orleans unit of the Napoleonic era.

I invite you to come and follow the Eagle of the Garde Imperiale!

Compagnie Contacts

Charles Pecquet
Chalmette, LA 70043