Seconde Partie [continued]

Troisième Leçon

Charge precipitée et Charge volonté.

The charge precipitée divides the charge en douze temps into four abbreviated divisions with the steps implied.

Charge precipitée.

Charge precipitée. [sharj - pray·si·pee·tay] Load in quick time.

Chargez vos armes. . [shar·zhay - vo - zarm] Take the cartridge, bite and prime (Steps 2-6).

Deux. [duh] Place fusil into loading position and empty the cartridge into barrel (7-8).

Trois. [twah] Draw ramrods, ram (9-10).

Quatre. [cat] . Return ramrod and shoulder arms (11-12).

Fire will then be directed as necessary.

Charge à volonté.

Charge à volonté. [shar·zhay- ah - voh·lon·tay] Load in quickest time.

Chargez vos armes. [shar·zhay - vo - zarm] Load, prime, ram, steps 1-11, then present, aim and fire at will.

Quatrième Leçon


Firing is either direct, or oblique, direct being straight forward, oblique being toward a left or right target.

Feux Directs

Feu de pelaton. [fou - deh - pel·a·tah n ] Platoon fire.

Pelaton. [pel·a·tahn] Platoon.

Armez. [arm] Cock the hammer.

Joue. [zhou] Present.

Feu. [fou] Fire

Chargez. [shar·zhay] Re-load

Feux Oblique

The commands are given as in direct fire except the command 'Armez'shall be followed by the words:

Oblique à droite (or à gauche). [oh·bleek - ah - dwaht] Oblique right (left).

This is followed by the commands Joue, Feu, etc.

Feu de deux rangs

Fire of the front two ranks in a three rank formation, by independent files.

Feux de deux rangs. [fou - deh - duh - rang] Fire by independent files.

Pelaton. [pel·a·tahn ] Platoon.

Armes. [arm] Ready.

Commencez le feu.. [com · men·say - leh - fou] Commence firing.

The third rank does not fire, but, after the center rank fires, hands the fusil to the center rank man who fires it and passes it back to the rear rank for another loaded fusil, and so on.


The cease fire is always given by a ruffle on the drums, at which point each man will complete the operation of loading and shoulder arms the center and rear rank men making sure they end up with their own fusil.

At this point the instructor shall make the recruits review all previous exercises. Once this is completed, and the instructor is satisfied that the recruits are proficient in the execution of their drill, le seconde partie is completed with the instruction of the following:

Marquez le pas. Marche. [mah·kay - leh - pah - marsh] Mark time. (Step in place).

En avant, marche. [on - ah·vahn - marsh] To the fore, march

Changez le pas. Marche. [shan·jay - leh - pah - marsh] Change step. Used when crossing uneven terrain.

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