Seconde Partie [continued]

The instructor will now direct the recruits to prepare to fire the fusil.

Appretez vos armes. [ap·pret - tay - vo - zarm] Ready.

If the unit is in a three deep formation, the front rank kneels. If in a two deep formation both ranks will follow the procedure for the men given in the description "Position of the Second Rank" which appears below

Position of the front rank.

FIRST MOTION. Turn the fusil with the left hand, firelock outward; seize it with the right hand at the small stock, as in the first motion of loading, and remain facing to the front, turning the point of the left foot a little outward.

SECOND MOTION. Throw the right foot smartly to the rear, the heel raised, and the foot resting on the toes of the foot necessarily bent; kneel down with the right knee ten or twelve inches behind, and about six inches to the right of the left heel, do not come down suddenly; at the same time bring down the fusil with the right hand and seize it with the left hand at the first band; place the butt on the ground without striking it; place it in front of the right thigh with the bottom of the heel of the butt opposite the left heel; at the same time seize the cock between the thumb and the fore-finger,

Position of the Second Rank.

FIRST MOTION. As in the first motion of loading.

SECOND MOTION. Bring the fusil with the right hand before the middle of the body; place the left hand with the little finger touching the feather-spring, and the thumb, as high as the chin, pointing upwards along the wood of the stock, the pan being turned almost towards the body, and the ramrod towards the front of the battalion; and apply, at the same time, the thumb of the right hand to the head of the cock.

THIRD MOTION. Sink down, smartly, the right elbow, cocking, at the same time, and seize the fusil at the small stock.

Position of the Rear Rank.

First, Second and Third Motions done in the same manner as by the men of the center rank.

The instructor will now direct the recruits to aim the fusil.

Joue. [zhou] Present (aim).


Sink down, smartly, the muzzle of the piece, slipping the left hand back along the stock, as far as the first band (small swell near the tail-pipe); apply the butt to the right shoulder; let the muzzle be below the level of the eyes a little, and the right elbow kept lowered, without being pressed against the body; shut the left eye; look along the barrel with the right eye; sink forward the head towards the butt in order to level; and place the forefinger on the trigger. The men of the third rank will, at the same time step with the right foot eight inches to the right, towards the left heel of the man who is on their right.

Feu. [fou] Fire.


Apply, with force, the first finger on the trigger, without lowering or turning the head more, and remain in that position.

Redressez vos armes. [rah·dres·say - vo - zarm] Recover your weapon.


Come to the position of recovered arms firmly, as described under the second motion of appretez vos armes, remaining in the third position, after cocking, in the third position. After recovering the weapon, if the instructor intends to fire another round, the command will be:

Chargez. [shar·zhay] Load

The kneeling rank then stands and all ranks bring the gun to the position for opening the pan. As firing will continue, the next order, to half cock the fusil so that the pan can be primed and shut, will be given:

Le chien au repos. [leh - shee·a n - oh - ray·poh] Firelock half-cock.

If the firing is to cease, the instructor will order the recruits to shoulder arms. In this case the kneeling rank will rise and all ranks will half cock the fusil, shut the pan and shoulder arms as described previously. Thus the orders that follow redressez vos armes will be:

Presentez vos armes. [pray·zen·tay - vo - zarm] Present arms.

Portez vos armes. [por·tay - vo - zarm] Shoulder arms.

Position du Soldat Repose sur l'Arme.

The ordered arms position, from portez vos armes (shouldered arms) requires that the recruit straighten the left arm, which is holding the fusil, while reaching across the chest and grasping the fusil at the first band above the firelock. Then bring the fusil to a point even with the right shoulder, ramrod side facing away from the body, then lower your right arm keeping the fusil perpendicular to the ground. When the right arm is straight down, let the fusil slip the remaining few inches to the ground. Do not bang the butt on the ground.

The recruit now assumes an attitude the same as that of garde à vous (attention) except for the right hand which holds the fusil against the right leg. The fusil with the butt on the ground against the right foot, ramrod pointing out; right arm nearly vertical; right hand along the stock, thumb and index finger slightly in front of the stock; the barrel of the fusil about two inches from the right shoulder. The order for this is:

Repozez vous sur vos armes. [reh·po·zay - su r - vo - zarm] Return to order arms.

The instructor may now allow the recruits to relax. The recruit may now lean on the fusil grasping it with the right hand at he top of the stock or on the upper portion of the barrel. The order for this is:

Repos. [reh·po] Rest. At ease.

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