Premiére Partie [continued]

Charge en Douze Temps

The exercise shall be taught in the following order. The instructor shall give the words of command:

1. Chargez vos armes. [shar·zhay - vo - zarm] Load your weapon.


FIRST MOTION. From the position of portez vos armes; half face to the right, on the left heel; place the right foot directly behind the left so that the buckle of the right shoe touches the left heel; at the same time rotate the fusil (which is already resting in your left hand) so that the fire lock faces away from you; bring the right hand up and grasp the fusil at the small stock. The weight of the fusil is now held by the right hand.

Deux. SECOND MOTION. With the butt of the fusil still in contact with the left hand, slant the fusil down; as the fusil pivots, bring your left hand up and grasp the fusil from underneath at the first band. The weight of the fusil is now supported by the left hand, the butt under the fore part of the right arm, the small-stock resting against the body, two inches nearly under the right nipple or breast; the top of the barrel as high as the eye; the guard turned a little outward; the left elbow supported on the side at the hip; the thumb of the right hand against the top of the frizzen, above the level of the flint; Simultaneously the butt end should swing around so that it points to the right hip; the four fingers of the right hand shut; and the right arm, from the elbow to the wrist lying along the butt. This sounds a bit awkward but, the weight of the fusil and the position of your hands should cause the butt to swing naturally as it tries to balance on the pivot point (your left hand which holds it from below at the first band).

2. Ouvrez le bassinet. [oo·vray - luh - bass·see·nay] Open the pan.


Throw open the pan with the thumb of the right hand, the left hand holding the piece firmly; apply the right hand to the giberne, by retiring the right elbow, and passing the hand between the butt and the body; and open the giberne. [You lead by pulling your right elbow straight back, as tight to the body as possible, so you do not disturb the fusilier next to you. Once your hand is past the butt of the fusil you can swing it down and back to the cartridge box.]

3. Prenez la cartouche [pren·ay - lah - car·toosh] Take the cartridge.


Take the cartridge between the two forefingers and thumb, and carry it to the mouth, ready for the teeth to act, and the right hand passing between the body and the butt. [You have to reach inside the giberne to grab the cartouche. Again, you must keep that elbow in close to the body as you bring the cartridge up to your mouth.]

4. Déchirez la cartouche. [day·shee·ray - lah - car·toosh] Bite the cartridge.


Bite off the top, exposing the powder, holding the cartridge firm where the powder has been uncovered, between the thumb and the two forefingers; lower the cartridge, holding it perpendicularly against the pan, the palm of the right hand turned towards the body, and the right elbow supported or leaning on, and against the butt. [Hold the cartouche firmly so you tear only the tip of the paper with your teeth. Without looking down lower the cartridge to the pan. Keep your right elbow in contact with the butt as this will help you guide your hand straight down toward the pan. Be careful not to tip the cartridge.]

5. Amorcez. [am·or·say] Prime.


Tilt the head down, and look down to the pan fill it with powder; press close the top of the cartridge at the opening, between the thumb and fore-finger; raise the hand, placing the right hand behind the pan and hold the little finger, and the third finger firm against the back of the pan. Look down to the pan, fill it with powder. Pinch the top of the cartridge enough so that it does not spill easily but lightly enough so that if you were to tip it over and then manipulate it a bit it would pour easily into the barrel.]

6. Fermez le bassinet. [fair·may - luh - bass·see·nay] Shut, the pan.


Hold the fusil firm with the left hand; shut the pan close and firmly with the two left fingers, holding always the cartridge between the thumb and the two fore-fingers; seize immediately the small stock with the first two fingers, and the palm of the right hand; keep the right wrist close to the body, and the elbow pointing to the rear, and a little detached from the body.

7. L'arme à gauche. [larm - ah - ghosh] Weapon to the left.


FIRST MOTION. With the right arm smartly stretched, without lowering the right shoulder, swing round the fusil to the left thigh, against the whole length of which the butt must bear strongly, turning, at the same time, the ram-rod towards the body, opening and letting the piece slip through the left hand, as far as the middle band, the ring-lock resting on the thumb of the right hand; face, at the same time turning to the front on the left heel, carrying the right foot forward, the heel resting against the buckle of the left.

Deux. SECOND MOTION. Quit the fusil with the right hand, sinking it with the left along and near the body, and the butt fall to the ground without striking it with any degree of shock; at the same time raise the right hand two inches above the barrel: the left hand, holding the fusil, below the level of the waistcoat button, the fusil in contact with left thigh, the sight on the barrel, in front of the middle line of the body.

8. Cartouche dans le canon. [car·toosh - don - luh - can·on] Cartridge in the barrel.


Glance to the upper end of the barrel; smartly tip the right hand towards the body, in order to discharge the powder in the barrel-mouth, for this purpose, raising the elbow as high as the wrist, shake the cartridge, while turning it, into the barrel, leave the hand thumb down, relax the fingers when the cartridge is empty. [Drop the cartridge on the ground in re-enactment battles.]

9. Tirez la baguette. [teer·ay - lah - bah ·get] Draw ramrod.


FIRST MOTION. Lower smartly the right elbow, and seize ramrod between the thumb and fore-finger keeping the other fingers shut; draw the ramrod smartly by extending the arm, with the whole of the fingers opened out seize it back-handed, at the middle, with the fore-finger and thumb, the palm of the hand outward; turn it quickly between the bayonet and the body, at the time closing the fingers upon it, the ramrods of the men in the center and rear ranks, in turning, will graze the right shoulder of the rank before them in the same file; the ramrod forming no angle with the line of the barrel, and parallel to the bayonet; the arm extended; the eyes looking upwards; and the thick end of the ramrod must thus be opposite to the mouth of the barrel, without being entered into it

Deux. SECOND MOTION. Enter the thick end of the ramrod into the barrel, and insert as far as the hand.

10. Bourrez. [boo·ray] Ram.


Run up the right hand to the full extent of the arm, to the top of the ramrod, without letting it fall into the barrel, seize it with the thumb opened along it and the fore-finger bent, the other fingers being shut, drive it force-fully into the barrel, ramming home twice, seize it again by the small end, between the thumb and fore-finger, both bent, the others being shut. and let the right elbow be close to the body.

11. Remettez la baguette. . [ray·met·ay - lah - bah ·get] Replace ramrod.


FIRST MOTION. As in the first motion of drawing ramrod, bring the small end of it opposite to the upper band groove (or ramrod-pipe), and hold it there without entering it

Deux. SECOND MOTION. Introduce the small end into me upper band groove (ramrod pipe) and slide it into its place; raise the right hand quickly, and place it somewhat on the upper end of the ramrod.

12. Portez vos armes. [por·tay - vo - zarm] Shoulder arms.


FIRST MOTION. Raise the fusil with the left hand, along the left side, the left hand as high as the shoulder, and the left elbow not parted from the body, keeping the barrel outward; and sink down the right hand in order to seize the fusil at the small stock.

Deux. SECOND MOTION. Raise the fusil with the right hand; let the left hand fall to seize and support the butt, carrying back, at the same Time, the right heel to the side of the left and in the same alignment, support the fusil against, and at he left shoulder, with the right hand, in the position pointed out in describing shouldered arms; and let the right hand touch the small stock at me breech, without pressing against it.

Trois. THIRD MOTION. Let the right hand fall to the right thigh, hanging there, as already indicated.

The loading in twelve moves is now complete.

The instructor will now direct the recruits to prepare to fire the fusil.

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