École du Soldat

The drill manual of the soldier. We have placed this valuable information at your disposal in order to improve your ability to perform the manual of arms in correct fashion. Please help fund this site by not distributing the information here in printed form for free. There is a well laid out pamphlet available for a mere $2.50 U.S., and a downloadable pdf. file of the École available as a sharepub for only $2. If we can sell a few of these a month we can keep this site alive.

Enough of the tears and begging. Let's break a sweat and learn to march and die like the French.

| Premiére Partie [Position du soldat] |

| Seconde Partie, 1ér et 2ème Leçons [Port d'armes] | Seconde Partie, 2ème Leçon [Loading] |

| Seconde Partie 2ème Leçon [Firing] | Seconde Partie 2ème Leçon [Inspection] |

| Seconde Partie 3ème Leçon et 4ème Leçon [Unit Fire] | Troisième Partie [Marching] |