21e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne

The 21e is just one Régiment in a group of enthusiasts who go all over Europe performing in spectacular Napoleonic battles. The 21e is a founding member of the Napoleonic Association (NA) in England and a founding member of the Grande Armée (GA), which holds events all over France. The 21e is also the largest unit in the NA having over 120 members. It is recognized by the French Army, and was presented its aigle by the actual 21e Régiment.

For the anyone interested in Napoleonic re-enactment, the 21e provides an opportunity to participate in any NA or GA event. Members receive a newsletter, The Journal, which provides information on events in England and Europe along with articles on re-enacting. When you join the 21e, you will be sent a cassette tape of the infantry drill, a drill manual, and The Journal.

When you travel to England or another GA event in Europe the 21e can provide you with equipment. The Régimental depot is stocked with both firing and non-firing muskets, equipment and uniforms, musical instruments and a complete medical tent.

Anyone who wishes to find out more about the 21e Régiment should contact:

Chris Durkin
22 Swallow Street
Lancashire 0L8 4JP

Send email to: Andrew Thorpe 106564.1166@compuserve.com