21e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne,
3e Compagnie

We have formed the 3e Compagnie of the 21e Régiment here in North America. We have developed regional "files" for the purposes of working together on drill, and putting together the fusilier's kit. We are also developing activities here in America. When you join the 3e Compagnie you become part of a French brigade, Brigade Napoléon, in North America. The Brigade is open to any and all French, French Allied units, and Coalition Forces which includes the 21e. 

Membership in the 21e also allows you to participate with the 21e in England and Europe. In the summer of 2005 and 2006 members attended the large event in Corunna Spain, we've joined the regiment on the field at the 195th anniversary of Jena-Auerstadt in Germany in 2001, and the 200th Anniversary of Austerlitz in the Czeck Republic in December 2005, and most recently the 200th of Jena/Auerstadt in Germany in October of 2007. There are plans in the works to attend the 1809 Danube campaign events in the summer of 2009. As well as a visit to Spain for the la Corruna event in north western Spain in January of 2009

Members of the 3e Compagnie at a recent event in Canada

The 3e Compagnie Goals and the Future

The 21st in England was formed on the principal that friendship and family atmosphere along with pride and discipline make an exceptional unit. As we develop we will carry this over to the 3e Compagnie here in North America. Our main goal is to have fun and enjoy ourselves while learning and participating in Napoleonic era re-enactment.

The 3e Compagnie plans for each area of the country to have a separate "file" or section. A file consists of from 3 to 12 fusiliers. We now have 40+ members across the country. We currently have active files, in Southern California and the Mid-West . Perhaps you are enough of a leader to begin a file in your region.

A file has one "Senior" Soldat, a person who acts as the organizational and administrative leader. Who gets to be Senior Soldat? Well, that varies. If you organize a group of 3-12 fusiliers in your area you can be the Senior Soldat or, once formed, you may choose amongst yourselves. That is for your regional file members to decide. The most important qualities for the Senior are dedication and determination. Experience is helpful but wholly unnecessary. Better a Revolutionary leading volunteers than a grizzled veteran asleep in the depot!

The local files are free to meet as often and drill whenever they like. They can run their internal organization any way they wish. The Régiment's only concern is that they are properly uniformed and equipped and reasonably able to do the drill and understand the commands in French.

3e Compagnie Regional Contacts

Mid-Western States and Quartier Général
Sous-Officer, Mike Mathews,
W2395 Snowberry Drive
Appleton, WI 54915

Mid-Central States
Cpl. James Harms,
4745 N. Hermitage Ave. #2 Frt
Chicago, IL 60640
773 334-4178

Southern California/Arizona
Lee Barrett III
P.O. Box 391745
Anza, CA 92539


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