Brigade Lasalle


Their glory is legend. Their bearing proud. Their uniform magnificent.
Then and now part of the renowned Brigade Lasalle.
The incomparable Brigade Infernale.

The 7e Hussards in France, along with members of the 5e Hussards, gather every year in Northern France for a week-long campaign event.  They also participate in several other events and battle re-enactments.  Brigade Lasalle considers itself an elite unit.  They are very stringent about correct dress and equipment.

Members of the 7e Hussards in North America can be nominated for membership in the re-enactment group called Brigade Lasalle. Nominations can only be made by members of Brigade Lasalle.  Nominations are based on a high standard of performance and portrayal.

Above left: Peter Twist, a member of Brigade Lasalle's artillerie à cheval, stands before the Brigade symbol with chef d'escadron Chris Franke of the 7e Hussards. Peter is also a member of Régt. Irlandais in North America.

Above right: The Brigade moves out to begin more than a week of re-enacting of the 1814 campaign in France.


Brigade Lasalle, 7e Régt. de Hussards

Chris Franke
7e Hussards
RR #1
Shanty Bay, Ontario L0L 2L0