Régiment de Hussards

How to Join

Membership in the 1e, 5e or 7e Régiment de Hussards includes liability insurance coverage at events in America, Membership in Brigade Napoléon, and a subscription to the quarterly newsletter, Le Ban.

Members also receive the biannual newsletter of the Régiment de Hussards, Cavalerie Francaise, a drill manual and an equipment list.

Membership is $35 for 2000 and includes membership in the Living History Association and insurance. Memberships are due in January.

If you would like to join the Hussards, download the Brigade Napoléon Application Form, and mail it, along with your check payable to the appropriate regiment (contact individual contacts).

To receive the Application Form via post, send a S.A.S.E to:

Capitaine Ron Roberts hussar@bcpl.net
1308 Corbett Rd.
Monkton, MD 21111

Remember, you need not have previous experience, no one is too young or old, and the Régiments and Brigade are open to all equally.

The form is in pdf format. If you do not have a pdf reader download one from the "Get Acrobat Reader" site.

Brigade Membership Form . .

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1e Régiment de Hussard, 1er Escadron              

Maréchal de Logis Chef, Steve Iorio
991 Swayze Avenue
Washington Crossing, PA 18977
e-mail to:  s10r10@bellatlantic.net



7e Régiment de Hussards, 1er Escadron

Capitaine, Ron Roberts
1308 Corbett Road
Monkton, MD 21111
e-mail to: hussar@bcpl.net 


5e Régiment de Hussard, 1er Escadron

Hussard, Sharon Edgar
67 Westpointe Cres.
Nepean, Ontario K2G 5Y8
e-mail to: sharon_edgar@hotmail.com