Suggested Readings

Hussards and Light Cavalry:

Petard, Michel and Rigo. 1993. La Cavalerie Legere du Premier Empire. Paris, France: Histoire et Collections, ISBN #290818222X.

The bible for Hussars!  Loaded with color pictures of original uniforms and equipment, plates, drawings, etc.  An absolute must buy, unfortunately it is out of print.   All French text.   Can sometimes be found at On Military Matters.

Maughan, Stephen E. 1997. Napoleon's Line Cavalry:  Recreated in Colour Photographs. London, England: Europa Militaria Special #10, Windrow & Greene.  ISBN #1859150381.

Numerous color pictures of line cavalry in bivouac and in the field.   Excellent section on Hussars.   Even a couple of pictures of our very own Chris Franke, Patricia Barrett and Ron Roberts.   This book will get you excited about being a cavalry reenactor!

Bukhari, Emir. 1978. Napleon's Hussars Osprey Men at Arms Series #76. London, England: Osprey Publishing.  ISBN #850452465 
Bukhari, Emir. 1977. Napleon's Line Chasseurs Osprey Men at Arms Series #68. London, England: Osprey Publishing.  ISBN #850452694

A good overview of uniforms, accoutrements, weapons, etc.   Good contemporary artwork.   Chasseurs covers some things Hussars leave out.   Not as good as Cavalerie Legere du Premiere empire.

Johnson, David. 1978. Napoleon's Cavalry and its Leaders. New York, N.Y.: Holmes & Meire.  ISBN #841903905
Johnson, David. 1989. The French Cavalry, 1792-1815. New York, N.Y.: Holmes & Meier.

Both are excellent on the history, leaders and campaigns of the french cavalry, well worth having in your library.

Johnson, David. 1959. The Proud Canaries. New York, N.Y.: William Sloane Associates.

Long out of print.   A historical novel of Lasalle and the Brigade Infernal.  Outstanding!!!

General Readings:

Marbot, Jean Batiste Antoine Marcellin de. 1988. Memoirs of Baron de Marbot 2 Volumes. London, England:  Greenhill Books.

Marbot was an Aide de Camp to 5 marshals and Colonel of the 7eme in 1815.  Excellent reading; unfortunately, it ends with the Emperor's first abdication.

Elting, John R. 1988. Swords Around a Throne. New York, N.Y. : The Free Press.   ISBN #29095018

Absolutely the best source on the Grand Armee..

Chandler, David G. 1966. The Campaigns of Napoleon. New York, N.Y.: Macmillan Publishing.

A complete account of all of the Emperor's campaigns by a master author.

Jones, B. T., Translator. 1969. Military Memoirs:  Charles Parquin.  Napoleon's Army. London, England:  Longmans, Green and Co. Ltd.

Excellent memoirs of a Capitaine of the 20th Chausseurs.   This book gives you a real impression of what it was like to be in the Emperor's armée.


Revised: September 22, 2000 .