7e Régiment de Hussards

Iéna - Heilsburg - La Moskowa - Hanau - Vauchamps

This unit is the first of its kind in North America.   To join you must have the desire to reproduce a quality impression of a trooper of the 7e Régt. and have the ability to ride a horse.   The 7e Hussards is a proud member of Brigade Napoléon.

As you might expect the uniform of the hussard is an investment in time and money.   For many it takes a while to gather the materials and accessories but the results are worth it. There is simply no uniform that compares to one "à la hongroise".

Members of the 7e Régiment de Hussards at the National Napoleonic Battle Event, Tactique Napoléon, held near Gettysburg, Penn.

7e Régiment de Hussards in North America

We are a national group with members from all over North America. Our goals go beyond re-enacting just in North America. Several of our members went to the 180th Anniversary of Waterloo. This was quite a spectacle with around 4,000 re-enactors and 70,000 spectators. The event included parades as well as a re-enactment on the actual field taking place between the actual farm houses of Hougoumont and La Haie Sainte. 

7e Régiment de Hussards

Capitaine Ron Roberts
1308 Corbett Road
Monkton, MD 21111
e-mail to: hussar@bcpl.net



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