2000 Events Schedule





March 12-14 Ft. Morgan, Alabama (Brigade Napoleon Tactique) Dave Giovanni
April 28-30 Odessa, NY  (Living History) Chris Franke
June 9-11 Fort Mifflin, PA (Living History) Ron Roberts
June 16-18  Fort Meigs, OH (Living History) Mike Matthews
September 15-17  Middleburg, VA.  (Campaign Ride) Ron Roberts
November 18-19 Fort Mifflin, PA (Drill Weekend) Ron Roberts
April TBD, 2001 Ballestone, MD (Brigade Napoleon Tactique) Ron Roberts
June, 2001 Waterloo, Belgium Ron Roberts


This is the regimental schedule as of March 2000.   The Campaign Ride in September is the best opportunity to experience the life of a Hussard in 1806/1807.  The Brigade Napoleon Tactiques are also events not to be missed as they host the big battles of the year.   If you are interested in any of the above events, please contact the given contact to express your interest.   Horses are available for the Campaign Ride at $150 but must be reserved before the event.   If you know of any other events that the cavalry might be interested in attending, please contact myself or the Capitaine of the 7e Hussards (Ron Roberts).