16eme Régiment de Dragons 

This long established regiment was raised before 1791 as the Duc d'Orleans Regiment. In that year it was renamed the 16eme Régiment de Dragons, it was renumbered again briefly as the 11eme in 1814. It returned to its previous number and was disbanded after Napoleon's final defeat in 1815.. The men made up the medium cavalry and were trained to fight on foot as well as mounted.

They saw extensive service all over Europe: 1805 with the Grande Armee in Germany and Austerlitz. 1806-1807 in Prussia to fight at Jena and in the pursuit of the Prusians at Prentzlov. Then in Poland at Bergfried, Eylau, and finally Friedland. 1808-1813 they saw service in the Peninsula War in Spain, and were engaged at Arzobispo, Tlavera, Ocana, Alca-Real, Malaga, Moralez and Vitoria. 

Following these long and arduous campaigns, they fought in the winter campaign in France to defend Paris in 1814: at Mormant, Valjouan, Bar-sur, Aube and Arcis-sur-Aube..  It was all for naught and they were disbanded on April 3rd of that year. During the One Hundred Days campaign of 1815 the unit was reformed with imperial title on April 8th. Detachments of the unit fought at Ligny.

Join us in helping to recreate this fine regiment.

Information from  Osprey's   "Napoleon's Dragoons and Lancers"

We are looking for a few stout hearted men to serve the l'Empereur.

For more information please contact:

Larry Long
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