Chansons de la Bataille | Chansons aux Marche | Chants au Feu de Camp

We shall launch this section with three key tunes that every soldat would have known. More will be added as we progress. Each title includes lyrics and sound. To keep the files small we have included only a fragment of each tune. Depending on your system and setup you may be able to access the song by simply clicking on the cornet which appears next to the title. Others may have to download the file to their harddrive and play them through a helper app.

Please get back to me with technical comments. If you can help us improve this section, have lyrics with music, or the equipment to produce better quality sound while maintaining the small file size; please do so at All files are MP3 at present. I have WAV files but they are about 4 times as big.


Chansons de la Bataille

On va leur percer le flanc MP3 sound file (87k)

Chansons aux Marche

Fanchon MP3 sound file (114k)

Chants au Feu de Camp

La Chanson de l'Oignon MP3 sound file (102k)

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