How To Join Brigade Napoléon

Membership in the Brigade includes liability insurance coverage at events in America. All memberships are due in to the unit commanders by March 31st.

These are the three ways of joining the Brigade:

Currently a member | New member joining a unit | A new unit wanting to join

Currently a member

If you are currently a member of Brigade Napoléon, please contact your unit commander to update your membership.


New member to an existing unit

If you would like to join an already existing unit in the Brigade, please contact the specific unit commander for more information on their applying for membership procedure.


New unit wanting to join

1. You must apply directly to the President of the Brigade for membership, either electronically or via the US mail asking for the unit/units to be admitted into the Brigade. No dues payment are required at this time. You also need to include names, addresses, phone #'s and email contacts for all individuals in the unit/units and identify the unit commander/representative.

2. You must include a photo, again either over the web or via mail, of the unit/units in kit. There must be at least two members present in the photo for the unit application to be considered.

Individuals may apply for membership in the Brigade. Members of the Brigade that are not affiliated with a unit are regarded as part of the administrative unit Quartier General/ Headquarters Staff. These individuals will assist the Brigade staff at events. During combat scenarios, they will be seconded to a comparable unit.

3. The above provided information is then given (via email) to the voting (active) member representatives of the units in the Brigade. An online vote is taken and the unit/units applying are accepted or rejected by a simple majority vote. If you're rejected, you will be told why. You have the opportunity to address the reason/s for the rejection and you may then re-apply.

4. At the point that you are accepted into the Brigade, you will be advised about membership dues. These dues and the membership list (including names, addresses, phone #'s and email contacts for each member) are sent to the Brigade Treasurer, in one check for the total number of individuals registered, troopers or soldiers and any distaff or family who you wish covered with Brigade insurance. Dues are pro-rated from the date your unit was accepted into the Brigade. A copy of the Membership List should alos be sent to the Brigade Secretary.

5. From the time your unit is accepted you are on probationary status in the Brigade for one year. You must attend one Brigade event during the year of probationary status with at least two members before you are considered to be active in the Brigade. Then from that time on (one year after the date of acceptance) as long a you continue to pay dues for you members and attend events you are a voting member in the organization. Any failure to attend in a one year time span drops you back to a probationary unit (no voting privileges), any failure to pay to dues in the same time period (1 year) causes you to pay back dues the next time they are due but you are not required to reapply as a new unit. . After two years of non-payment you are no longer consider a Brigade member.

Brigade Contacts:

Iain Burns, President

Chris McKay, Vice President

James Tate , Secratary

William Buser, Treasurer


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