Frequently Asked Questions

Other than, "Why can't I just buy all this re-enactor stuff today at a cut rate price, go to monthly events that somebody else organizes, and get free trips to Europe?" There are a few questions you might have.

Q. Why bother?

A. When we started in 1994 there was nothing. We realized early on that if something was going to happen we would have to pool resources. We needed some body, or organization, to represent the Allied forces. There was a British group that did War of 1812 events but nothing for us.

Q. Who's the boss?

A. Every unit has a leader and each leader represents their unit in an open manner. We are like-minded friends and aquaintances. This is not a group founded by a maréchal or king, but by soldat. The goals, events, and political agenda (if we have one) is to have Napoleonic re-enactment in North America. Anyone who has similar goals is welcomed.

Q. What units are currently members?

A. The active infantry units are: the 21e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne, the 3e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne, the Russian Kiev Grenadiers , the Guardia Reale Italiana. We have also been joined by the British 23rd Regiment of Foot, Royal Welch Fusiliers, the 95th Foot Rifles Regiment, the 93rd Regiment of Foot, Sutherland Highlanders, 42nd Regiment of Foot, and our Austrian unit the IR#7 von Schroeder and Spanish unit Regimento de Puerto Rico.

The active cavalry units are 1e Régiment de Hussard, 2eme Escadron, 5e Regiment de Hussard7e Régiment de Hussard, 16e Régiment de Dragon,  the 3e Régiment de Cuirassier, and the British 15th (King's) Hussars.   

Q. How can I get my unit in?

A. First you need to have a unit. That means at least two paid members.. You have to portray French or French/Allied troops, or coalition forces ( Russians, Austrians, Prussians, English, Spanish et al) from the period 1792 to 1815. You have conatct the BN president at: and say, "My unit is such and such." You do NOT have to be a member of the Brigade at that moment. You do NOT have to pay or contribute anything except information about your unit at that time. But if you wish to take the field at our events, you must have at least 2 dues paying BN members and have re-eanctors insurance coverage either through the BN or another organization.

Q. What if I do not have a unit?

A. No unit? No problem! You can always join the Brigade Napoleon as an individual. Some units have used this as a starting point; first joining Brigade Napoleon as individuals, then building a unit and later applying for unit membership. This is also an excellant way for civilian impressions to get involved. All you need is an impression between the period 1792 to 1815. For more information on this option, conatct the BN president at:

Q. Why the name "Brigade Napoléon"?

A. We felt when we started that the word Napoleon was key to identifying us as Napoleonic re-enactors. The Brigade part naturally stemmed from the hope that we would have enough membership and a variety of units to warrant the moniker. We now have eleven active units with  over 120 members.

Q. How come there isn't more downloadable stuff on this site?

A. I'm working on it. All be it very slowly.

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